Tortured, sentimental, avant-garde
and precious

Jorge is a non-binary avant-garde artist and music producer based in Los Angeles and Chicago. 

Nomadic, accidentally. A product of the times, a product of the economy, and an exception to the rules and regulations of the midwest background where they come from. Jorge is all and nothing. An escapist at heart, a traditionalist emotionally, and an advocate for all those that are yet to be heard seen, or understood -- Jorge’s works have spanned many mediums. But overall the same themes resonate in each song, photograph, design, or video. It’s all about the same themes -- the same modus operandi.

Chicago photographer, Jorge Cruz, is, in my humble opinion, what photography is all about. It’s not about the perfect camera or the newest technical gadget. No, it’s about self expression, and looking at the world and sharing personal experiences through imagery, no matter what kind of camera is used.
- Aline Smithson, Lenscratch
"A distance that is elusive and covetous"
- Land Magazine

TransTrax by Various – A top-notch collection of classic house gems from the Trax Records vault. With the likes of Mr. Fingers, Screamin‘ Rachael, The Nightwriters and Marshall Jefferson involved you know you’re onto a good thing, 9/10”  
- John Bittles, Titel Magazine

V/A - Now That's What I Call TRAX A superb cross-section of one of house music's foundational imprints...
- Jumi Akinfenwa, Clash Magazine

Jorge & Carmelo Carone, “Athon” (2017) 
The EP title here, Warehouse, tipping its hat in the title, perhaps, to Frankie Knuckles’s club that was first responsible for the name “house music,” is a glorious rebuilding of house from first principles. It doesn’t attempt to be retro or lo-fi, but goes right back to what’s important—beats, bass, funk and trippy noises—to deliver fantastically weird dancefloor dynamite
- Joe Muggs, Bandcamp Daily

It is hard to believe Jorge Cruz is only 27 years old. The artist, photographer, design, and musician has created a name for themselves by always staying busy.
- Britt Julious, Vice Magazine 

"The photographs are, at times, depressing. At other times, they are a celebration of the simple life."
David Fischer, Highsnobiety

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